no bake chocolate avocado truffles in a bowl

11 Easy No Bake Chocolate Snacks You’ll Love

Fellow chocolate lovers, I have great news: there are lots of delicious, easy chocolate snacks you can make without any baking required! From healthier chocolate truffles (with a surprising ingredient) to chocolate yogurt parfaits and beyond, these chocolate treats are simple to make and totally crave-worthy. No Bake Chocolate Snack Recipes Sweet snacks are my […]

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Chocolate Yogurt Parfaits with Raspberries

Looking for an easy Valentine’s Day dessert (or chocolatey treat for any occasion) that’s not quite so sugar-loaded, but still delicious? You’ll love these easy homemade chocolate yogurt parfaits. They come together in just 10 minutes! Creamy Greek yogurt is mixed with cocoa powder and sweetened with maple syrup, then topped with a layer of

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17 Easy Sweet Snacks

If you have a sweet tooth like me, then you might be looking for some easy sweet snack recipes to have on hand for when those afternoon cravings strike. If so, you’re in luck! I put together all my favorite lightly sweet snack recipes, from no bake chocolate snacks to baked custard toast (multiple flavors!).

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Healthy Chocolate Coconut Bites

These healthy dark chocolate coconut bites are the ultimate chocolate lover’s snack – and so easy to make. They taste like an Almond Joy, but they’re healthier and sweetened with maple syrup! Picture this: creamy almond butter and coconut truffle filling coated in smooth dark chocolate, topped with more shredded coconut. Drooling yet? I know

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Chocolate Avocado Bars (No Bake)

No bake chocolate avocado bars are the perfect healthier treat to keep stocked in your fridge! They have a rich, chocolatey flavor and a fudge-like consistency (plus a buttery graham cracker crust), but are miraculously low in sugar. The avocado even makes them somewhat nutritious! They don’t need any baking or special equipment, and they

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