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11 Easy No Bake Chocolate Snacks You’ll Love

Fellow chocolate lovers, I have great news: there are lots of delicious, easy chocolate snacks you can make without any baking required! From healthier chocolate truffles (with a surprising ingredient) to chocolate yogurt parfaits and beyond, these chocolate treats are simple to make and totally crave-worthy.

no bake chocolate snacks

No Bake Chocolate Snack Recipes

Sweet snacks are my specialty, especially when it comes to chocolate – I can never get enough! Not only is it delicious, but it’s easy to melt in your microwave for easy, finger-licking treats.

All of these recipes call for either melted chocolate, cocoa powder, or a combination of the two!

Personally, I prefer the taste of dark chocolate (plus, it’s easier to melt in the microwave), but you can use semisweet chocolate or milk chocolate if you prefer. (Tip: if using milk chocolate, I recommend using the double-boiler method for melting to avoid seizing or scorching the chocolate).

Now, here are my favorite no bake chocolate snacks that you absolutely need to try!

Chocolate Avocado Bars

chocolate avocado bars with graham cracker crust next to an avocado half on a grey surface

Smooth dark chocolate sits atop a simple graham cracker crust for a delicious sweet snack bar! These easy no bake bars only require a microwave, and the prep time is a flash.

Even better: you only need four essential ingredients to make these!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites

dark chocolate bites with coconut almond butter filling in a bowl with parchment paper

These tasty little truffles are like a healthier version of Almond Joy bars. All you need is a food processor to make the almond butter coconut filling, then just roll them in melted chocolate to coat and let cool!

I love making a batch of these so I can have them on hand for whenever the chocolate cravings strike. 🙂

Raspberry Chocolate Yogurt Parfaits

chocolate yogurt parfaits with raspberries and whipped cream

Did you know it’s super easy to make chocolate yogurt with plain Greek yogurt? There’s no cooking needed, either! These healthier chocolate parfaits are sweetened with maple syrup and optional whipped cream, and studded with juicy raspberries.

They taste decadent like a dessert, but without being loaded with sugar. Win-win!

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bites

dark chocolate pomegranate bites on a wire cooling rack

Juicy, sweet-tart pomegranate seeds and shredded coconut make a delicious filling for these homemade dark chocolate cups!

All you need is a microwave, a muffin tin, and cupcake liners to make these. Plus, they only require three ingredients and the prep time is super minimal. So, so good!

Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars

chocolate peanut butter cheerio bars next to a small bowl with chocolate chips

Cereal fans will love these honey-sweetened peanut butter Cheerio bars! They’re loaded with peanut-buttery flavor, with a delicious chocolate layer on the bottom.

They’re crunchy, lightly sweetened, and you really can’t beat that chocolate peanut butter combo. Kid-friendly, too!

Chocolate Avocado Truffles

chocolate avocado truffles with pecans

These smooth chocolate truffles have a surprising ingredient: avocado! It adds a lovely creaminess, and you can’t even taste it – it’s all about the chocolate here.

Melted chocolate and cocoa powder give these a rich flavor, and crushed pecans add texture and nuttiness. Sweet treat perfection!

Chocolate Cherry Custard Toast

cherry chocolate custard toast with almonds

You might have heard of the viral TikTok custard toast trend, but have you tried a chocolate version? Easy, creamy chocolate custard pairs so well with toasted bread, dark sweet cherries, and sliced almonds.

Plus, it’s easier to make than it might look!

Biscoff Brownie Greek Yogurt Truffles

chocolate Biscoff brownie truffles with crushed Biscoff cookies

Greek yogurt and melted chocolate make a perfectly creamy combo. When you add in crushed Biscoff cookies, that just takes it to a whole new level!

These Biscoff brownie truffles are a dream come true for chocolate lovers and Biscoff lovers alike. They’re a fun, no bake treat with a luscious texture.

Chocolate Filled Raspberries

bowl of chocolate covered raspberries

I’m all about sweet snacks that you can make with just a handful of ingredients, and these chocolate-filled raspberries are a prime example!

They’re made with melted chocolate, shredded coconut, and raspberries. That’s it! And, they’re totally delicious. Be sure to make a big batch, though – I guarantee they’ll disappear quickly. 😉

If you don’t mind baking, here are a couple more chocolate snacks to try:

Chocolate Pistachio Muffins

double chocolate pistachio muffins on a white marble tray

These soft and moist chocolate muffins are studded with chopped pistachios and chocolate chips for an unbeatable flavor combo! They make a perfect chocolatey sweet breakfast or midday snack.

Double Chocolate Sweet Potato Bread

double chocolate sweet potato bread slices on a marble platter

This might sound like an odd combination, but it’s actually amazing! It’s sort of like banana bread, but with mashed sweet potato instead of banana. (And, it’s super easy to make homemade mashed sweet potato using a microwave!).

The sweet potato pairs wonderfully with the rich cocoa powder and melty chocolate chips, and it keeps the bread super moist.

If you love chocolate as much as I do, you don’t want to miss out on these tasty chocolate snacks! I hope you get a chance to try them. 🙂

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