Chocolate & Truffles

Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats with Coconut

Looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe? These chocolate Rice Krispie treats are deliciously gooey and packed with cocoa flavor – with added texture and flavor from shredded coconut! There’s no baking required, either. All you have to do is heat ingredients in a saucepan, stir them together, and press them into a pan […]

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Cherry Chocolate Custard Toast

I’ve got another tasty snack toast recipe you absolutely need to try: cherry chocolate custard toast with almonds! It combines a fudgy chocolate custard layer with crispy toast, topped with sweet cherries and sliced almonds. It’s perfectly flavored and sweetened with just cocoa powder, chocolate chips and a splash of maple syrup. Healthy enough for

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Biscoff Brownie Truffles (No Bake)

Can’t decide between that deliciously spiced Biscoff flavor and a chocolatey brownie? Don’t worry: you can have them both at once with these no bake Biscoff brownie truffles! They’re made with crushed Biscoff cookies, melted dark chocolate, cocoa powder, Greek yogurt, and more goodness for a luscious, fudgy treat. You don’t need any fancy equipment

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Chocolate Nutella Tarts with Greek Yogurt

Mini chocolate Nutella tarts with Greek yogurt are an easy, decadent-tasting make ahead dessert. You don’t need any tart molds, either – just a muffin tin! Nutella is stirred into melted chocolate, then mixed with Greek yogurt for the filling. Then, it’s dolloped into a simple graham cracker hazelnut crust and chilled to set. These

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Chocolate Avocado Truffles with Pecans

These luscious chocolate avocado truffles taste deliciously rich, yet are surprisingly healthy! Melted dark chocolate is mixed with mashed avocado and crunchy chopped pecans for a quick no-bake treat. These are super quick to whip up, and don’t require any cooking (other than a quick microwave to melt the chocolate). Just a half hour of

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Churro Custard Toast with Chocolate Drizzle

Cinnamon sugar toast is a beloved sweet snack/dessert, so I wanted to share this fun spin on it: churro custard toast with chocolate drizzle! It’s a variation of the viral TikTok yogurt toast recipe, inspired by churros (which, in Spain, are traditionally dipped in a thick hot chocolate). My mom is originally from Spain, and

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